HDR50 T4E 升級版,現正熱賣中!轉換套件正式上市!





騎翼企業公司正式登記於民國96年,以代理各 國氣槍品牌,在台銷售。公司專注於空氣槍相關經驗已逾十年,目前正積極研發各類槍管,並和英國及西班牙等品牌跨國合作。隨著生存遊戲逐漸普及,在台灣各大 學校社團接連成立,同好組織及玩家也日益增多,騎翼因應受邀各種活動,介紹及推廣相關知識,從公家機關到各家經銷商、企業主皆為好夥伴。


為使騎翼企業成為更國際化、更具競爭力的公司,空氣槍的槍管為公司主要研發的項目,製成採取擠壓成型的方式,也提供槍管客製化等彈性需求,只因為我們相信 好的、精準的槍管才是一把槍的靈魂與生命。『突破、貢獻、建設』是公司一貫的經營宗旨,堅持自我信念,提升發展,如同騎乘於翅膀上逆風高飛,昂揚飛耀於海 內外各個角落,創造一個多樣化、多角化、多元化的槍管品牌。


Strong distributorship

Founded in 2005, officially registered in 2007, CHI E/Arrowy-Flier started with international trade importer; now successfully transferred to representative of international renowned brands Airguns for sale throughout Taiwan and Hong Kong. With more popular War Game and target sports come more recreational shooters. To promote our products into the market, we have successively attended a number of exhibitions and activities; thereby met good partners/members from Shooting Association, Outdoor Organizations, University related group, and Government institution.

Thanks to their inestimable assistance in technology, no doubt, they are one of crucial parts to our success. Thus, we have strong relationship marketing strategy, source of Industry trend, and firm retail network. Reliable source of products, this is our brand identity to customers.

Precise barrel

For better visibility, CHI E extends the passion on heart of Airgun, the barrel. During 10years in sport shooting field, we simultaneously cooperate with manufactures in Spain, Czech Republic, United States and United Kingdom to develop high quality barrels for Airguns. Our experienced team is proficient at button rifled barrels with finest steel.

No compromises, quality control staff makes sure every detail to reach highest standard from internal area, rifling, bore to external surface at each work station. What’s more customized services are available as well to reach shooters various demands.

Excelsior, Innovation, Dedication

From beginning of motivation to passion of establishment, high class Airguns to precise barrels, we are passionate about what we do at shooting field. Every product with our insistence drives us to approach the best. CHI E will remain unchanged superior services as well as continue innovation in barrels for all your needs in the future.